I will be attending the WoH 9 in November again.
4.-6. 11. 2011

You can see my new projects and paintings in progress on this page!
Please click on the images for more information on each painting!
The image marked with this icon is the one I am working on at the moment.

Otis Firefly
(Bill Moseley / House of...)
(Asia & Dario)
The Exorzist
(Linda Blair)
Lar Park Lincoln
(as Tina Shepard)

American Werewolf
(David Naughton)

Caroline Munro
as Naomi (James Bond)
Ghost Rider
(Oil painting by Tina)
Diora Baird
(as Black Canary)
(Jeffrey Combs)
XMas Jason
XMas Freddy
(Julian Sands)

More horror related images:

Earlier Weekend of Horrors that I attended:

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