At the WoH 8 I had a booth for the first time at a Horror Convention. Before that I had a
lot of appearences at Comic and Film Conventions, but never at a pure Horror related Con.
The 7th WoH was the first one I attended and I came only as a visitor and not with my
own booth. Before that I never really thought about it, because I had not that many
horror related paintings and also no merchandise at all.

At the WoH 7 I wanted to say hello to Danny Trejo and show him my Machete painting.
To my surprise there was a lot of interest in my artwork, especially by the professionals
(see my report of the WoH 7 below). So I decided to come with my artwork and a booth
to the WoH 8.

I planned a lot of new paintings and finished most of them for this convention. But I was
very sad, that 5 of the 6 actors that I had planned to paint cancelled their appearance.
Anyway I completed the paintings that I started and cancelled only 2 of them.

Maybe I will paint them for a later date, when I have the chance to meet the actors.

Please click on the images below for some details about the art and my meetings
with the actors.

Night of the Living Dead The Evil Dead Herman Munster
Otis Firefly
House of 1000 Corpses
Eric Roberts
as "Two Face" (Batman)
Danielle Harris
as Psylocke (X-Men)
Tom Sizemore
with my Heath Ledger image
Sid Haig
with my photo of Sid Haig
holding my painting of Sid Haig


Other horror related images

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