I started a new series of paintings:

(Caroline Munro)
"The Spy Who Loved Me"

Caroline Munros character Naomi was the first Bond Girl
painting I did and meeting her was a big pleasure. She is
very friendly and interested in my artwork.

The Bond Girls 001: "Naomi"
(2011, Acrylics)

This painting was hard work, because I only used a photo of her
as a reference for the pose. But most of the painting is made up
by me. She wore a red bathing suit for the photo but not in the film.
So I dressed her up with the half transparent coat and the black bikini
she wore in the movie. I also changed her arm and gave her a gun
in hand. The biggest problem was the strange light that was used
for the red bathing suit photo. I kept this light (coming from below)
on her face and it gave me many hours of work until I got it right
transferring her beauty to the painting.

Besides the Bond movie Caroline also played in a Dracula
movie with Christopher Lee, so I took a photo of her at my booth
with her and both of my paintings of these films.

I also plan to do another painting with her, but the character is still a secret.
So I hope to see Caroline again in the future to show her this next painting
when it is finished.

Here is are the images of the work in progress