Night of the Living Dead

(2011, Acrylics)

Whis this painting I wanted to try out something different. My artwork
for films is often very classic and people like that a lot.
But I intend to do art for modern movies too, as well as art for posters,
shirts and all other media.

Believe it or not: I worked more than 15 hours on the design / concept
and the photo references!
I had a very clear idea of it, skipped it more than once in between, but
I returned to it every time and it took so many hours to get it right.

Although it is a black and white movie, I wanted to include some color,
without making it too colorful. It is not toooo gory, but gives a good
impression of what the viewer can expect. The main part of it is the
despair in the face of the "hero" Ben and the scenes he has witnessed.

I hope I can show the image to the director George Romero someday.