The Evil Dead

(2011, Acrylics)

When I read that Ted Raimi was attending a convention I planned a new
painting about The Evil Dead. He was not a regular actor in the first part,
but a stand in for the other actors in this first part of the Evil Dead triology.

Anyway I wanted to start with an image for the first movie, that was so
influential and pretty scary back in the 1980s. The mask of the character
Cheryl is still one of the most scary masks ever.

So that is where I started, taking her face and wanting it to swallow the
entire cabin. I also added the car, fleeing from the horror behind it.
Although I had him in mind, there was no room left for the main character
Ash. It would have destroyed the composition, so I skipped him.

Ted Raimi with a print of my artwork (2011)

I showed Ted Raimi a print of my artwork and talked with him about
his work for the film. He told me he was a kid then getting on
everybodys nerves. :-)

After all the rumors I also asked about a possible 4th part of the film
seris, but he told me that it will not happen, because "everybody is
getting too old". What I forgot to tell him is that me and my girlfriend
really loved the "Drag me to hell" movie. And of course " My name
is Bruce" where he played 3 roles!

On the 3rd day of the convention I dropped by again, because I
wanted to show him my original art. He said I would be incredibly
talented. What a great compliment. Thank you for that!
I am always happy to gain recognition, but of course especially by