I had started several promising comic projects, that were never completed
due to my contributors, who at some point ran out of stamina or ideas to
complete them.
So this is the first one that made it to a limited print run.
The comic is done by Tina Urban and me. We both contriuted to
character design, writing and artwork.

(2012, Pencil, Ink, Digital Colors)

We also did some of merchandise for it, like limited prints:

Mugwumps (Fantastic Four comic cover 1 homage)

We come from Outer Space (Mugwumps meet Prince Valiant)

The Mugwumps prints can be ordered for 5 € (F4 homage, 20 x 30 cm)
and 10 € (Prince Valiant, 30 x 42 cm)

See more about the Mugwumps here: