This is a very quick painting that turned out very nice.
I did it for Spencer Wilding, actor of the Wolfman.
He told me he was about 95% of the time behind the mask
of the Wolfman and del Toro did the "human" parts.

I wanted to do a Wolfman painting but did not have the time
anymore before the convention. Spencer saw my Yoda painting
and we had a nice talk. He asked me if I could do a painting
with his unmasked face and I told him I could not do that now.
I could maybe do a small illustration or sketch in the evening.
But I decided to give it a try on Saturday night.

A portrait would not have been possible in that time and I also
had no printed reference material at home. So I sat down in front
of my computer and did a very free interpretation of the Wolfman
character. I wanted his face to appear out of a puddle of blood.

The painting was done completety with water colors and some
mishaps colored my carpet and clothes but improved the

(2012, Water Colors)


Spencer Wilding with my nightly artwork.
He really liked it and you can see it soon on his convention tables.
I was also very happy that his neighbor David Alan Barclay said very nice
words about it, as David's work is fantastic in every way.