Captain Spaulding

(2005, Water Colors, Acrylics, Pastels)

I was happy to meet Sid Haig in 2011 for the second time.
He was as cool as ever and when he saw that he was wearing
the same Shirt than in 2005 we made this great shot with my
2005 photo in his hands. He said: "Let's see how far we
can take this". So Next time I meet him the photo story
my continue. :)

When I first met Sid Haig, he told me with a very serious
expression: "This is great artwork, man, great artwork!"
I was not so sure about this painting, because it is mainly
a painting based on a photo, done in only about 4 hours.
But people totally love it and when I met him in 2011 again,
I thought about working on it some more. But I found nothing
that needed to be revised, so I kept it exactly as it was
6 years before.

Sid also wanted to show the painting to director Rob Zombie,
because he was compiling a book with original art for the movie.

Apart from that I took this incredible photo that shows that
without doubt Captain Spaulding is Sid Haig.
This is still my favourite moviestar photo that I ever took.
It even made it into my printed flyer of 2011.