The Doctor (Robert Picardo)

(2010, Acrylics)

I had a nice short chat with Robert Picardo in Belgium at a Convention.

He was very interested in the techinque of the painting and also
mentioned that hands are hard to draw and that I succeeded in this.
Well, that is the part of the painting which I am still not completely
satisfied with. I also think the painting turned out too realistic,
especially with the background. I would have liked to keep it a little
more visible that it is painted.

I also would have liked to paint "The Doctor" in a more friendly mood,
but I did not find any good reference material for that in the short time
left before the convention. But Robert Picardo said: Yes, I am always too earnest.
So, I guess it is okay :-)

These are only some details I complain about. All in all I am quite happy about the final result.

Many thanks to Robert Picardo for the pleasent time!