Jason Vorhees / Friday, the 13th

(2005, Acrylics)

I did this painting in 2005 and looked for the Jason Film Version that
had the most horrifying look. That was (in my opinion) the Jason
played by Kane Hodder in the parts 7, 8 and 9.

I once read that Kane Hodder was having some trouble at a german
convention some years ago and would not want to return. So, I had
little hope of ever meeting him. But in 2010 I read that he would be
on a convention in Germany this year
and so I took the painting and
tried to say hello.

I have to say that he is really a very nice guy and it was a great
pleasure to finally meet him. He even wanted to keep the original
painting and offered a fight for it, but somehow I could convince him
and get my painting back. ;-)
And also a free sign and a nice photo of him.

He mentioned that I got the eye color wrong, but I explained that I
did that (red color) on purpose to make Jason's expression even more evil.

Kane, thank you very much and all the best to you!