(Martine Beswick)

Martine Beswicks character Paula Kaplan was the second
Bond Girl painting I did. She came to Münster with her colleague
Caroline Munro and seeing my painting told me that I was the
first artist who got her right. All other portraits of her were always
not quite right. I was really astonished that nobody ever
acomplished that before.

The Bond Girls 002: "Paula Kaplan"
(2011, Acrylics)

She was also very happy that I caught exactly the color of her dress.
When I told her that I shortened it a bit she smiled an told me that she
had already realized that.
In fact the image that I used as a base for this painting was a black and
white nude image of her with a towel that covered the full nudity.
She was also siting on a simple beach couch.
I painted her in the blue dress she wore in the movie and put her on
a lounge chair. And I changed her hand, so that she carries a gun,
because the towel holding hand made no sense now and the gun was
better for getting the Bond Girl feel into the painting.

Martine visited my booth and was also very interested in my artwork
and was fascinated by the variety of the styles I can paint and draw.
And she mentioned that I exactly catch the feel of the persons that
I paint
and I would not argue on that :-)

Matrine is one of the few actresses who played in 2 Bond movies,
so I would have the chance to paint her again. That would be a
pleasure, because she is a real beauty – then and now.

Here is are the images of the work in progress